Real name: Paul
Birthdate: 8-22-79
Living in: Nashville, TN

About Me
My fav. movie(s): Titantic, Carrie 2, Last of the Mohicans

My fav. band(s): The Jamie Hartford Band (Local band here in Nashville), KoRn, Metallica, Busta Rhymes

My fav. song(s): All My Life (KC-JoJo), Good Things Happen (When You're Around) (Jamie Hatford Band), Hopin (Jamie Hartford Band), Lookin For Trouble (Jamie Hartford Band), Baby is Gone (Jamie Hartford Band), Cold & Hungry (Jamie Hartford Band), Somebody's Gonna Pay (Jamie Hartford Band), What About Yes (Jamie Hartford Band)

My fav. place to hang out: Gibson (Great place that the Jamie Hartford Band plays at...LoL!!) Pool Hall (Billard Room) The Mix Factory (Dance Club)

Hobbies: Billards, Playing the Guitar, Writing Poetry & Songs.

My best friends here in TN: Terry, Lisa, Matt, Dawn, Jason, Sheri, Tiffany, my brother John, Keith, Brian, an some others...

I have two brothers an 1 sister an two step sisters...I moved to TN about 5 yrs ago, to live with my dad. I stayed with him only a year, an moved out an me and my brother decided to get a place, an split the rent etc...I like living in my own place, no parents to sneak around in your stuff an life...After I graduated from high school, I started to goto college at UT Martin, but UT Martin didnt have all the classes I wanted to take...So after the first semster, I transferred to MTSU. This is my second year there, but I took this semster off, due to personal reasons.

My brothers
My brothers are ok...One lives in Missouri an the other lives with me. Me an John, (the one that lives with me) have been cool with each other for the longest, but my older brother Brad, well, me an him had a huge fight when we were younger, an he moved to Missouri, to goto college there, an me an him didnt talk for 6 yrs, but back in Dec of 98, I swallowed my pride an made peace with him. Now me an him talk on the phone at least 1 every two weeks.

My Sister
Jennifer, is one of the coolest person in the world. She is only 14 now, but she acts like a 18 yrs old.. She still lives with my dad. When ever she needs me, I always been there..Like one day, a couple of boys kept harrassing her at the hang out, (skating ring), so I decided to show up an scare them away, now they are scared of her...LoL!!..I would kill to keep my sister out of harm if I had to..

My Step-Sisters
Umm, Sharon & Carmen are cool...I only see them on holidays an special occasions though...

My Past
I'm not proud of my past & the decisions I made...My past keeps haunting me, its something that will follow me..It consits of drugs, cops, an bad decisions...Back in Dec of 98 though, I decided to check myself into a rehab...Ever since then, my life has changed for the better...Now, I'm off the drugs, got alot better friends, made peace wit my brother, an just having a blast...