Paul's Poetry
Waiting For You

Tonite as I sit here alone,
all I can I can think about,
is you an me together, where we belong.
But now things are changing.
We are drifting apart,
Something is dying...Our hearts..
You told me "Lets take break."
But, you being away,
is giving me a heartache.

But I will still be here,
waiting and waiting, as I shed a tear.
Waiting until we can be together again,
facing life's challenges hand and hand.

Author: Paul Morell
©Copyright 1997


Just Thinking Of You

Here I am again,
sitting here, just thinking of you.
Wishin you were here,
Just us being close, as we use to do.
But I know deep down inside,
this wont come true,
cause you have found someone new.
and thats what making me feel so blue

Maybe one day, you will see
that my love for you runs deep
deep as the blue sea.
I have given you my all,
my heart, my love, my tears,
but now, you dont even call.

My friends say, "Its time to move on."
but I dont wont to let go.
I want you here, for me to hold.
Maybe one day
my dreams an desires will come true.
Until then, I will be here,
just thinking of you.

Author: Paul Morell
©Copyright 1998

A Perfect Love

I never thought I would ever know
A perfect love like you
I love the kind words that you say
and the thoughtful things you do

I love the sparkle in your eyes
when you look my way
I love the love within our hearts
that grows more everyday

I am so glad we came to know
this love we hold so dear
Since our hearts were joined as one
we have nothing to fear

I cherish the day I met you
I'm blessed by god above
Heaven smiled down upon me
when I was sent a perfect love

Author: Paul Morell
©Copyright 1997.