Views on Depression    I like to consider myself "in control of my own life", but when my g/f back in high school died, I almost lost everything..My friends, my future, and even my own life..

      When Linda died, I fell into a deep depression.. I wouldn't goto school, I wouldn't talk to any of my buddies, not even my own family.. I owe my father alot, he helped me realized I had a serious problem... He walked in my room, right before I was about to swallow pills..I was going to overdose myself cause I thought that was the only thing I could do to stop the pain inside...My father helped me realized, life has so much more to offer.. He took me to a therapist, and till this day, I am greatfull for all of there help..

          Depression is something aot of teens and even adults deal with in there life time, and I'm sad to say some of em' don't win the struggle.. If you or anyone else you know have depression, seek help, learn about it.. Knowing the facts is the first step, seeking help is conquering the struggle....

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